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Social Media Growth

The boost you need in genuinely developing your brand among your competitors.

We offer a complete package of social media management services done by our team of experienced social media managers on the field. This includes the following social media networks; Twitter, Discord and Telegram creative announcements, content depending on the stage of each project. We will take care of each step of the process, creating, planning, managing, and reporting for further analysis. We offer the handling of these accounts with active response to the questions, doubts, comments, and messages done by the community.

The services consist of the creation and design of infographics and banners, setting up of social media accounts and project branding. Humans have a short attention span, differentiate yourselves from your competition with eye-catching assets. We have a specialized team of designers with demonstrated experience on the field this will attract users, and in concordance with the strategic team, we will ensure to have the right approach at the right moment to maximize results. Daily, weekly, and monthly events strategically thought to ensure the maximum engagement of users.


Development and management of a personalized social media content calendar with full schedule to be completely active on social media. Analysis of the posts done previously and after implementing our marketing campaigns, with further review and action to really stand out from your competitors.

Community Building

We offer community building up to 30 regions around the globe.

Our experienced team will be available to develop a community in any region on the world. This consists of an active response of creative moderators to have a direct and integral conversation every day. Always having as primary focus the directions made by the project's team. With the objective of transmitting its own core values, and if not developed to make them a reality.

Guerrilla Marketing

Interactive, innovative, targeted, and effective guerrilla marketing campaigns, reaching large mass awareness worldwide.

Interactive, innovative, targeted, and effective guerrilla marketing campaigns with the objective of reaching large mass awareness worldwide. We have a developed team directly focused on reaching the specific target audience for each project, which work with the element of surprise, where the user involuntarily will be directed to your project, placing the right content at the grasp of the right eyes at the right time, generating integral and unconventional interactions with your project.

Influencer & KOL

Direct contact with the best KOL's on the market, more than 200 at your disposal for each stage of your project.

KOL's and Influencers play a fundamental role, certain users only listen to those who have a developed opinion in social media, they are the ones that have the power to influence masses directly, sometimes managing to change the user's own behavior and way of thinking. We connect you to the best KOL's and Influencers on the market, having more than 200 at your disposal.

An effective KOL and Influencer marketing campaign will have a direct positive impact on the ability of delivering a message to individuals. This is truly based on the credibility that each one has, which revolves from the perceived knowledge and expertise each one portrays. If done effectively, the influence power each one has, will truly make a difference on consumers, making them not wanting to miss out.

Advisory in Blockchain Projects 

Tailor-made advisory services for each specific project.

Our advisory services range from personalized, specific, and customized advisory services related to the blockchain ecosystem. This can include assistance in Exchange Listing platforms, Roadmap Advisory, Initial Coin Offerings, direct contact with Launchpads and Crypto-Venture Capitals, connections with Market Makers to have the best listing strategy possible. It is a tailor-made service to ensure that each of our clients receives the best support and backing possibly made by our most experienced members of the team.

Audit Companies Connections 

Truly a must-have in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, we offer the best connections to audit companies to ensure security and trust to your users.

Audits are a must-have in the ecosystem, we offer direct connections to the best audit companies in the entire Crypto Ecosystem so that the security and trustworthiness it brings to the community is done as responsibly as possible. We have a long catalog of different companies to find which one adapts more to your project's needs.

Opening LLC Process

Say goodbye to long bureaucratic processes, our experienced team has got you covered. 

We offer advisory and direct connections in the process of opening a Limited Liable Company (LLC) in the best way possible. Say goodbye to long bureaucratic processes, our experienced team has got you covered.

Press Management

Be prepared for everyone to know about you, we offer press management services in top media networks around the globe.

We offer Press and Media Management services; these include the posting of several articles in a diverse selection of top media outreach networks around the globe. These can be done gradually, starting with a personalized introduction, followed by specific articles to certain events, having a full coverage of all the most important aspects to transmit to the target audiences. Being mentioned in news and press articles makes you stand out from the rest.

Our services

  • Market Maker Direct Connection

  • Blockchain advisory

  • Roadmap advisory

  • CoinmarketCap, Coingecko Listings

  • CEX and DEX Listings and Advisory services

  • Crypto-related Venture Capital Connections

  • IDO Platforms connections

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